Virus Diagnosis and Removal

virus removalWe are experts at diagnosing and removing viruses. From simple to the worst types, we can clean it up. Our work is guaranteed. There are over 86,000 viruses on the internet. Each virus does something different. Even if you have an antivirus program, you can still get a virus. Symptoms include, pop-ups, slow PC, won’t connect to the internet, will not allow other programs to run and many other things. Call us for help. We work on virus problems everyday and can usually remove or repair them within 24 hours.

Call us for help in verifying your computer is clean. We do virus removal and repair work quickly and guarantee our work. Call today. Ageeko – 801.822-2086 – PC Repair

It is difficult to put up a specific list of symptoms for an infected computer because some of the symptoms may also be caused by hardware or software problems. With the use of our service we can thoroughly identify the problem specifically but just in case you are suspecting your computer may be infected, here are some of the possible symptoms.

•Your firewall tells you that an application has tried to connect to the Internet (and it’s not a program that you opened).
•You get lots of system error messages.
•You see unexpected or unusual messages or images.
•You hear unexpected sounds, played at random.
•Programs start unexpectedly (like opening a specific web page).
•You notice that files or folders have been deleted or changed which you have not done yourself.
•Your friends tell you that they have received e-mail messages from your address and you haven’t sent them anything at all.
•Your computer ‘freezes’ frequently and/or programs start running slowly.

If you are experiencing some of these symptoms then your computer may be at risk. Give us a quick call so we can diagnose and repair it before you loose valuable files or worse.