Server Sales and Repair

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We are an expert Utah IT personnel and we can help you as server technicians. If you want to buy a Windows Server we can offer that plus our expertise with Server repair, whether it is server 2003 repair or server 2008 repair you can be sure to get fast and friendly onsite server repair for your business. No more hassle of going to shops or expensive personnel specifically just for computers with our onsite server repair you can just call us when you need and our server technician will be there to help you solve your problems fast and easy.

server repair

A simple computer can be called a server. Many small businesses use windows XP on a regular desktop computer and share a folder from it and call it a server. This works until you try and put the 6th PC on the server. It limits you to 5 connections. Another problem is you cannot restrict access to the folders without having true server software like Windows Server 2008 or Server 2003. A real server needs special software and hardware. We are experts at it and would love to help you.

We are located at: 9157 Renaissance Drive Cedar Hills, UT 84062
For inquiries call us at this number:(801) 822-2086