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We know its’ frustrating when your computer breaks down specially when you are in the middle of something. But for businesses this could be even worse with network problems and computer disasters can really cut productivity and profit. Utah Computer repair understand those frustrations that is why we have fast, friendly, and skilled professionals willing to help you.

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Residential Computer Repair
In the old day’s having your computer broken means getting the cables unplugged, going down and dirty packing and bringing everything to the nearest repair shop. That is if there is one handy and a reliable shop that doesn’t make you wait all too long. At we have removed the hassles of a broken computer through our on-site computer repair service. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call us, we are able to serve both Salt Lake and Utah County.

Business Computer repair and IT service
In our modern day life we use computers for pretty much everything this holds true especially for businesses and a broken computer for most can cause disastrous results and loss of money. Whether the trouble could be in your network, a virus, slow computer that cuts productivity we at can help you.

If you are a small business we understand that keeping an IT personnel in the payroll can be a costly option. Why not ask us to do your networking or set up and prepare your office computer and connections for you? You will have the option of just paying for the task, and If anything is broken you can just call us and we can provide you with very affordable on-site service anywhere in Salt Lake and Utah County. Please don’t hesitate to call us for inquiries.

Services We Offer

Computer Repairs Slow Computer Repair Internet Problems
Virus Removal Email Problems Tune-up
Reformat and Reload OS Spyware Removal Training
Printer Problems Wireless Issues Networking Problems
Data Backup Data Recovery Remote Access
Upgrades Many more…

We are located at: 9157 Renaissance Drive Cedar Hills, UT 84062
Fir inquiries call us at this number: (801) 822-2086